Physician Recruitment

Challenges and Alternatives

In light of the current physician shortage, we felt it important to address some of the possible outcomes as it relates to successful candidate recruitment. We have found that most residents receive upwards of 100 solicitations from prospective employers by the middle of their 4thyear.  They are so overwhelmed that often times, they will shut down their job search within the 1st few months of looking so that they can focus on their work.

We feel that successful recruitment entails being extremely proactive; scheduling video calls and site visits quickly; quickly responding positively if there is interest and making very competitive offers.

Timing and Practicality

If you have identified someone you like or a group/employer you like, don’t hesitate to move forward.

The growth, success and needs of the practices and hospitals we partner with is very important to our team at the Stratton Group and we realize that while filling these openings remains a priority to our clients who are now facing greater challenges, this changing situation requires a refocusing and potentially rethinking the way to most effectively recruit and retain candidates.  We are committed to you!

The Hiring Process

As an employer or a candidate,  we will help to schedule interviews.  If your candidate is not local, we will work on alternative interviewing arrangements to start and/or continue the conversation.  We are committed to making the process easier and help you to fulfill your hiring needs. 

We will work hard and follow the candidate closely throughout the interview process.  We are committed to providing timely feedback post video or face to face interview and will help with contract negotiations and physician onboarding.  Our job is to make the recruitment process and transition from candidate to employee or potential employer to employer as seamless as possible.

Please reach out with any questions, comments and/or concerns as we are here to facilitate to the best of our ability.

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